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Key Questions to Ask When Preparing a Data Breach Response Plan (Part II)

Following up on last week’s post, we return to the wide range of questions about a company’s operations that can guide a team building a data breach response plan to cover many of the risks encountered in the wake of a breach. Who are the key stakeholders? Many parts of an organization may be impacted – … Continue reading this entry

Key Questions to Ask When Preparing a Data Breach Response Plan (Part I)

As many companies have learned first-hand, data breaches and security incidents can arise at any time, and when they do, they can quickly consume an organization. Although companies often don’t get advance warning before a data breach occurs, you can better equip your organization to respond to the myriad of issues arising in the wake … Continue reading this entry

Defensive Publication: An Alternate Way of Maintaining Your Turf in a Competitive Marketplace

It is common knowledge that the bread-and-butter of emerging startups lies in securing exclusive rights to key aspects of their implicated technology. Staking claims to valuable IP assets via direct ownership or exclusive licensing remains a huge priority, especially in light of the America Invents Act’s First Inventor to File regime. The flipside to maintaining … Continue reading this entry

Big Data: Show Me the Money

As we covered in prior blog posts, on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, Foley & Lardner LLP hosted the ninth annual FoleyTech Summit in Boston. One of the breakout sessions at FoleyTech featured a panel discussion of leading innovators in the realm financing for “Big Data” processing companies, called “Big Data: Finding the Money.” The panel … Continue reading this entry

Are You Ready For California’s “Do Not Track” Requirements?

Over the last several months, California has passed several new privacy and data protection laws that impact operators of websites, online services and mobile applications around the country, including a law establishing an “Internet Eraser” for minors, and changes to the state’s data breach notification requirements. The latest bill, which amends the California Online Privacy … Continue reading this entry

Envision the Future: Today's Approach to Tomorrow's Solutions

Earlier this week, Foley hosted over 240 attendees in Boston at our 9th annual FOLEYTech Summit,  titled Envision the Future: Today’s Approach to Tomorrow’s Solutions. The Summit focused on how collectively entrepreneurs, private equity investors, venture capitalists, attorneys, accountants, board members and community resources can successfully grow technology companies, specifically in the Health Care IT, … Continue reading this entry

Think Before You Share, Part II: Can I Get My Data Back?

Following up on last week’s post, relationships with technology providers – even the best ones – don’t last forever, so it is important to understand whether (and how) you can get your data back when the relationship comes to an end.  You may be surprised to learn that many contracts are silent on this issue.… Continue reading this entry

Think Before You Share, Part I: Can They Use My Data, and If So, For What?

Increasingly, software vendors and professional services providers (for example, consultants and software implementation vendors) request or require access to their customers’ data as part of delivering their products and services. This kind of data sharing can produce powerful, low-cost products and services – but it is not without risk. Before you share your data with … Continue reading this entry