In the last couple of weeks you have certainly been thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. As 2018 kicks off, there’s no better time to the think about how to manage your suppliers and your procurement process. Service Levels are often utilized to monitor service delivery and service results, but too often customers of technology services get bogged down in trying to measure too much, burdening the organization and marginalizing the effectiveness of service levels.

This piece by UpperEdge titled “4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Service Level Management” provides four simple steps you can implement today to improve how you manage service delivery and your vendor relationships.

Service Levels can be a very effective tool in your technology transactions. However, care must be taken to ensure that your service levels have a positive outcome on your organization and your relationships. Drafting effective service levels can be challenging — take the time to review your service levels in order to ensure they are working as intended and are yielding positive outcomes. If not, work with your suppliers to make appropriate changes.