Nearly every founder or executive considers selling their company at one point or another. Before embarking on the complex process, it is crucial for the company leaders – especially within the ever-evolving tech community – to ensure their strategy encompasses all aspects of a sale, from understanding the environment to being accurate with pricing expectations.

In advance of the annual FOLEYTech Summit held on October 1, we are releasing five tips for a successful exit. See below for tip number four and check back here for more tips leading up to FOLEYTech.

4. Leverage the Larger Pool of Potential Acquirers

Just as the universe of tech investors has changed, so, too, has the profile of potential acquirers. Big tech companies still drive much of the acquisition demand, but companies ranging from media and advertising to insurance and retail are now acquiring tech companies not only for their products, but also for an injection of creative spirit.

Companies like Aetna, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Capital One have all made acquisitions in the tech space lately. Understanding how these firms value talent and products is essential when striving for full value in a competitive acquiring scenario.

When dealing with any potential buyers, it’s best not to be coy, but, as with any negotiation, it’s also prudent to never show your entire hand. Companies seeking an exit are well advised to have at least two suitors before charging into an acquisition process. This gives the seller true clout that will net better terms and, often, even more interest in the deal from others. Corporate development officers operate like most other humans: they want things that other people want.

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