With data security breaches now a shockingly common part of modern life, businesses of all sizes are scrambling to bolster their defenses.

In this guest commentary in the Boston Business Journal, we explain how businesses can fight against data breaches by taking tips from startups, and even the hackers themselves. Here’s how:

  • Think opportunity, not crisis. Intrepid entrepreneurs view data security gaps as an opportunity to innovate. Data breaches present an opportunity to find new ways to use technology freely without exposing personal or corporate data.
  • Look outside. The entrepreneurs building security solutions are working on nothing but solving the security question. You likely won’t beat them, so look to join them. Consider hiring, partnering with or even acquiring innovative companies.
  • Act like a hacker. Cyber criminals, in fact, behave much like startups. They are agile, opportunistic and relentless. They experiment, pivot and reject ideas that aren’t working. To fight them, companies will have to be equally nimble, decisive and aggressive.
  • Empower your employees. Employees are in the best position to identify vulnerabilities before the bad guys. It’s imperative to create environments where your employees can identify weak spots and  offer innovative solutions.

Our FOLEYTech Summit, taking place in Boston on October 14, 2014, will discuss best practices for protecting against data breaches, as well as other issues and challenges facing technology companies within the mHealth, digital media, and security sectors.

Read the full article in the Boston Business Journal here.